Oct 26, 2020  
Catalogue 2020-2021 
Catalogue 2020-2021

French and Francophone Studies Major

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Required Units

Total number of units required for major, excluding any required Intensive(s): 10

Required Intensive units, if any: 1

Total units required: 11

Distributional Content Area Units Required

Two units at the 300-level which may include one unit of senior thesis but excludes other forms of independent work.


Eight additional units of FFS courses.

Following initial placement, students should work through each level of the curriculum in order to enroll in a higher level as follows:


One unit of Intensive required preferably taken as two 0.5 units.


  • A maximum of six units may be earned from study abroad.
  • One unit may be elected from a related field outside FFS if 100-level units are not counted towards the major. Such elections must be approved by advisor or by petition to the Department.
  • Students may not take or count toward the major courses lower in level than their initial placement by the department.
  • One unit of Advanced Placement credit may be counted toward the major.
  • Courses taken under the NRO will not count towards the satisfaction of the major (or correlate) requirements. An exception for one (1) unit, taken while enrolled in a Study Abroad (or Summer) program, may be granted by the department upon request.

Teaching Certification

Students who wish to obtain Secondary Certification must complete the program of study outlined by the Education department.

Study Abroad

Up to 6 units from Study Away and summer courses may be counted toward a major in French and Francophone Studies, with departmental approval.

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