Oct 19, 2021  
Catalogue 2020-2021 
Catalogue 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GERM 220 - Turning a Phrase: Writing with Style in German

0.5 unit(s)
Achieving eloquent style in German requires more than knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical correctness. In this course students learn how to take their written German to the next level by focusing on stylistic conventions at the level of the sentence, paragraph and essay while developing their own voice in the language.  In addition to studying examples of published writing on a range of contemporary issues, the course combines an individualized review of German grammar with short writing assignments.  The course offers strong preparation for writing assignments at German universities or upper-level German classes at Vassar. 

One 2-hour period.

Not offered in 2020/21.

Course Format: CLS

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