Jun 24, 2021  
Catalogue 2020-2021 
Catalogue 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 249 - Encounter and Exchange: American Art from 1565 to 1865

1 unit(s)
(Same as AMST 249 ) This course provides a survey of the visual arts made in the United States (or by American artists living abroad) until 1865, beginning with the first European representations of Native Americans in the 16th century and ending with Alexander Gardner’s images of death and destruction on the battlefields of the U.S. Civil War. It emphasizes the significance of cross-cultural encounter and international exchange to the creation and reception of artworks produced in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, and prints. Our approach will be both chronological and thematic, considering topics such as the role of art in the construction of national identity; the origins of the U.S. art market; and the tensions of class, gender, race, and ethnicity in early American art. 

Prerequisite(s): ART 105  or ART 106 , or permission of the instructor.

Two 75-minute periods.

Not offered in 2020/21.

Course Format: CLS

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