Jun 02, 2020  
Catalogue 2020-2021 
Catalogue 2020-2021

Biology Department

Chair: Margaret Ronsheim;

Professors: John H. Long, Jr.ab, Nancy Jo Pokrywka, Margaret Ronsheim, Mark A. Schlessman, Kathleen M. Susman (and Associate Dean of the Faculty);

Associate Professors: Lynn Christensonb, Kelli A. Duncan, David Justin Esteban, Jennifer Kennella, Jodi Schwarz, J. William Straus;

Assistant Professors: Colin Aitken, Leroy Coopera, Megan D. Gall, Myra Hugheya, Dianne Pater, Justin Touchon;

Lecturer: Mary Ellen Czesak;

Visiting Assistant Professor: Robert Augustine, Aude Lochet.

On leave 2020/21, first semester

On leave 2020/21, second semester

ab On leave 2020/21

Early Advising: Those students considering a concentration in biology should consult a departmental adviser early in their first year to discuss appropriate course sequences. After declaration of the major, no NRO work is permissible in the major.

Postgraduate Work: Students considering graduate school or other professional schools should be aware that such schools usually require courses beyond the minimum biology major requirements. In general, students should have at least a full year of organic chemistry, a year of physics, computer science, statistics and calculus. Students are urged to begin their chemistry and other correlated sciences coursework as soon as possible, since this will assist them in successful completion of the biology major. Students should consult with the chair of biology or the pre-medical adviser at their earliest opportunity.

Further Information: For additional information on research opportunities, honors requirements, etc., please see the biology department. http://biology.vassar.edu/

Advisers: Any of the faculty members of the Biology Department can serve as Major Advisors. Students who have a preference for a particular faculty adviser may ask that individual whether s/he would be willing to serve as adviser. Students who have no preference should make an appointment to see the Chair of the Department to be assigned an adviser.



Correlate Sequences in Biology


Biology: I. Introductory

Biology: II. Intermediate

Prerequisites for 200-level courses are BIOL 106  and either BIOL 105 , AP Biology with a 4 or 5 AP score, or IB higher level 5, 6 or 7 test score, unless otherwise noted.

Biology: III. Advanced

Two units of 200-level biology are prerequisites for entry into 300-level courses; see each course for specific courses required or exceptions.