Mar 23, 2023  
Catalogue 2013-2014 
Catalogue 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biochemistry Program

The interdepartmental program in biochemistry provides in-depth studies in biochemistry and molecular biology built upon a solid foundation in biology and chemistry. Experimental approaches to problems are emphasized throughout the program, with course laboratories, with the Senior Laboratory in Macromolecular Function (BIOC 377 ), and with ample opportunities for students to engage in independent research.

Major Advisers: Chemistry: Mr. Donhauser, Mr. Eberhardt, Ms. Garrett, Ms. Kaur, Ms. Rossi, Mr. Smart, Mr. Tanski; Biology: Ms. Duncan, Mr. Esteban, Mr. Jemiolo, Ms. Kennell, Ms. Pokrywka, Ms. Schwarz, Mr. Straus, Ms. Susman.