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Catalogue 2024-2025 
Catalogue 2024-2025

Global Nineteenth-Century Studies Major

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Required Units

Total number of units required for major, excluding any required Intensive(s): 10

Required Intensive units, if any: 1

Total units required: 11

Distributional Content Area Units Required

Two courses from each of the three groups below:

  • Two history courses 
  • Two literary studies courses (in any language)
  • Two courses that focus on art, music, philosophy, religion, technology, or the sciences.

Three of these courses must be at the 300-level, with at least two from different curricular divisions.

GNCS 150 /CLCS 150 /HIST 150 - Revolution, Evolution, and the Global Nineteenth Century  cannot be used to fulfill the above distributional requirements.

Questions about eligibility of courses for distribution area requirements should be directed to the program director.


Three additional courses.


No more than three 100-level courses count towards the major. Majors must take at least two classes with a focus outside of Europe and North America. (GNCS 150  counts towards this requirement.) Students may count up to 1.0 intensive units towards the major, in addition to the senior thesis. Up to four units from outside of Vassar may count toward the major; this does not ordinarily include 300-level courses.

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