Dec 05, 2022  
Catalogue 2022-2023 
Catalogue 2022-2023

Teacher Preparation Programs

The teacher preparation programs in the Department of Education reflect the philosophy that schools can be sites of social change where students are given the opportunity to reach their maximum potential as individuals and community members. Vassar students who are preparing to teach work within a strong interdisciplinary framework of professional methods and a balanced course of study in a select field of concentration leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. In addition to a degree in an academic discipline, they may also earn initial New York State certification at the childhood and adolescent levels. The certification is reciprocal in most other states.

Consistent with New York State requirements, the certification programs are based upon demonstration of competency in both academic and field settings. It is advisable that students planning childhood or adolescent certification consult with the department during the first semester of the first year.

The Department also offers a variety of courses and the option of earning a correlate in Educational Studies to students interested in education related issues, but not necessarily planning to teach. Students interested in the theoretical or cross-cultural study of education, but not in certification, should consult the Department for a list of recommended courses.

Transfer Students:

Transfer students who wish to be certified for childhood or adolescent school teaching under the Vassar program must take their units in professional preparation at Vassar. They are also required to do their student teaching under Vassar’s supervision. Early consultation with the Department of Education is advised.