Dec 05, 2022  
Catalogue 2022-2023 
Catalogue 2022-2023

Education Major

Required Units

Total number of units required for major: 9.5

Total Number of Specific Courses Required

All Education students have the option of completing a capstone thesis or project during their senior year. Students choosing a capstone project or thesis are required to take *EDUC 302 -303 .

Students not choosing to do a capstone thesis or project must complete an additional 300-level Education course.

Distributional Content Area Units Required

One course designed to develop students’ skills in conducting research:


Two additional electives. These can be additional courses from one of the three clusters listed above, or:

  • Course from another department upon approval*
  • Transferred from another institution upon approval*
  • May include up to one unit of graded EDUC Intensives
  • May include up to one unit of graded EDUC 0.5 unit courses
  • May include up to one unit of graded 100-level courses

and Community-Engaged Unit: EDUC 290  (.5 unit)

* Complete “Request for Outside Department/Institution Credit” form for approval


After declaration of the major, all courses taken toward the major must be graded (the only exception to this is when credits earned through a Vassar JYA program, such as that in Ireland, are ungraded).

Two 300-level EDUC courses must be completed before, or taken concurrently with, EDUC 302 -303  and EDUC 384 .

A maximum of two units transferred from another institution, including JYA programs, can count toward the major.