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Catalogue 2018-2019 
Catalogue 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Programs in Education

Clifden, Ireland:


Internship in Irish Primary and Secondary Schools. Vassar College, in cooperation with University College, Galway, and the schools of Clifden, offers a one-semester internship in Irish schools. Students interested in teacher certification, the theoretical study of education, or the study of cross-cultural education are assigned as interns in primary and secondary schools in Clifden. They are expected also to take a “half-tutorial” of study at University College, Galway, in an area such as history, English, psychology, history of art, physical science, geography, or another subject taught in the university. Those interested in applying should consult with their adviser and the Department of Education before submitting a formal application to the Office of International Programs.

Exploring Science at Vassar Farm:

The Department of Education offers a one-semester program in science and environmental education at the Collins Field Station on the Vassar Farm property. Vassar students work with faculty to design and implement lessons for local Poughkeepsie elementary students. Children from second through fifth grade classrooms are invited to spend a morning at the Farm in exploration and discovery. Those interested in participating should contact Ms. Capozzoli, director of the program.

Vassar College Urban Education Initiative:


The Vassar College Urban Education Initiative (VCUEI) VCUEI offers many opportunities for Vassar students to get involved with students of many ages in local public schools through a variety of activities. Students can participate in most programs for credit through the Field Work Office or, if qualified, as a job through the Community Service Work Study Office.