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Catalogue 2018-2019 
Catalogue 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education Major

Requirements for Concentration:

To major in educational studies, students must complete 9.5 units:

One educational foundations course designed to introduce students to critical debates about the nature and purposes of U.S. education

Two additional electives

These can be additional courses from one of the three clusters listed above or:

  • A course from another department upon approval*
  • Transferred from another institution upon approval*
  • May include up to one unit of graded Education 0.5 unit courses
  • May include up to one unit of graded 100-level Education courses

*Complete “Request for Outside Department/Institution Credit” form for approval

One course designed to develop students’ skills in conducting research:

Additional Requirements:

After declaration of the major, all courses taken toward the major must be graded. The only exception to this is when credit is earned through a Vassar JYA program, such as that in Ireland, are ungraded.

Two 300-level Education courses must be completed before (or taken con-currently with) EDUC 302 and 384.

A maximum of 2 units can be transferred from another institution (including JYA programs like Ireland) to count towards major.