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Catalogue 2013-2014 
Catalogue 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Earth Science and Geography Department

Professors: Brian J. Godfrey, Brian McAdooab, Jill S. Schneiderman, Jeffrey R. Walker, Yu Zhou;

Associate Professors: Mary Ann Cunningham, Kirsten Menking, Joseph Nevins;

Visiting Assistant Professor: Stephanie L. Peek;

Adjunct Assistant Professors: Susan G. Blickstein, Philippe Thibault;

Adjunct Instructor: Paul H. Ciminello;

Post Doctoral Fellow: Keith W. Lindner;

Earth Science and Society Major Advisers: Ms. Cunningham, Mr. Godfrey, Ms. Menking, Mr. Nevins, Ms. Schneiderman, Mr. Walker, Ms. Zhou.

Earth Science Major Advisers: Ms. Menking, Ms. Schneiderman, Mr. Walker.

Geography Major Advisers: Ms. Cunningham, Mr. Godfrey, Mr. Lindner, Mr. Nevins, Ms. Zhou.

ab On leave 2013/14



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