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Catalogue 2023-2024 
Catalogue 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CHEM 121 - Chemical Fundamentals

Semester Offered: Fall
1 unit(s)

This course is designed to provide the fundamentals of chemistry in the context of an instructor-specific theme; it is appropriate for students with limited previous exposure to chemistry.  Students may take this course so as to be exposed to chemistry and the topic chosen, to meet the QA requirement, and/or to continue from this course into CHEM 125 Chemical Principles . Chemical topics covered include units; uncertainty; significant figures; dimensional analysis; estimation; atomic theory and symbols; the periodic table; chemical nomenclature; stoichiometry; solution chemistry including an introduction to acids and bases, solubility and precipitation, and oxidation-reduction chemistry; gases; and thermochemistry. These topics are presented in the context of the instructor-specific theme. There is no lab associated with this course.   Peter Sandusky.

Theme: Each year the United States burns an estimated 1.2 x 1010 gallons of gasoline in our cars and trucks. How much does this increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?  In order to answer this and other questions critical to climate change and the global carbon cycle, an understanding of chemical fundamentals is necessary. This course allows students to more fully understand these issues using the chemical topics listed above.



Three 50-minute periods.

Course Format: CLS

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