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Catalogue 2022-2023 
Catalogue 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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FILM 286 - Creative Development

Semester Offered: Fall
1 unit(s)

(Same as MEDS 286 ) This course explores various approaches to the conception and development of works of screen art, with special attention to the short form. We consider the often unheralded role that research plays in the artistic process, as well as the types of critical and imaginative thinking across disciplines that can support us in the early stages of any creative project. While different forms of writing remain important to the work of creative development, in this course we also employ non-textual traditions and techniques that have long been crucial to filmmakers and more broadly to artists of all kinds, including inspiration boards, mood reels, video “sketches,” and various improvisational and collaborative exercises that can aid in the genesis of original artistic ideas. Students learn through practice, study, and reflection how these creative methodologies provide the foundation for later stages of development and pre-production. This course foregrounds collective practices and paragogy (peer-learning) as essential components of creative development: beyond project-level collaboration, we explore how our membership to various creative and scholarly communities brings with it a whole range of responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges. In so doing we are revisiting and reimagining what the concepts of the auteur and the caméra-stylo might mean to us in this particular cultural moment, when mobile devices and social media have transformed our relationship to the moving image. Shane Slattery-Quintanilla.

Prerequisite(s): MEDS 160  or FILM 209   and permission of the instructor; first-years are not eligible to take this course.


Apply using this form: https://forms.gle/MyRi56VGBns9gM2D7

One 3-hour period and additional lab time required.

Course Format: CLS

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