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Catalogue 2021-2022 
Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GRST 284 - Slavery

Semester Offered: Fall
1 unit(s)
This course examines the ancient Roman institution of slavery. The practice of slavery permeated every sphere of the Roman world and was foundational to their economy, artistic traditions, family life, and political administration. We use ancient literature in translation, graffiti, art, and archaeological material to grapple with an elusive question: what can we learn about people who were so universal, yet so rarely speak to us with their own voices? Topics of discussion include the social lives of slaves and freedpeople, the economics of a slave society, the archaeology of slavery, ancient forms of resistance and their modern receptions, and the role of ancient slavery in shaping modern slave regimes. Carolyn Tobin.

Two 75-minute periods.

Course Format: CLS

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