May 21, 2022  
Catalogue 2021-2022 
Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 208 - Printmaking: Relief

Semester Offered: Fall
1 unit(s)
This course is designed to explore the fundamentals of printmaking focusing primarily on relief techniques including linocut, woodcut, monotype, monoprint, laser etching and collagraph. Working within as well as pushing up against the constraints of each of these processes, we explore the making of multiples and sequences and consider how they operate in a broader view of image making, art making, communicating, conceptual thinking and viewing. We investigate issues of repetition, replicability, mirroring, transferring, layering and separation of imagery - both as techniques and concepts within printmaking. Messaging, in both public and private spaces, will be considered. Studying prints pulled from the Loeb’s extensive collection will be an underlying component of this course. Christina Tenaglia.

Prerequisite(s): Permission of the instructor.

Corequisite(s): ART 102 .

Two 2-hour periods.

Course Format: CLS

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