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Catalogue 2021-2022 
Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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POLI 140 - American Politics

Semester Offered: Fall and Spring
1 unit(s)

An analysis of the American political system and the structures and processes by which public policies are formulated and implemented. Attention is focused upon decision making in institutions of American national government, such as Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court, and upon political behavior—public opinion, voting, and other forms of political activity. Attention is also given to evaluation of selected public policies and contemporary issues, and questions of political change. Richard Born.

American Politics: Conflict and Power. An analysis of US politics as an example of the uses of conflict to uphold and/or to change established relationships of power and public policy. A main focus is on alternative theories and strategies of conflict, especially as reflected in such institutions as the constitution, court, party system, interest groups, the media, and presidency. A major focus is on the conflict implications of business as a system of power, its relation to the warfare state and the US international project. Materials may be drawn from comparisons with other political systems. Sidney Plotkin.

American Politics: Groups, Revolutions, and Political Movements. This course is a study of the origins, development, structure, and functions of the American Political System and government. First, students are (re)introduced to the system’s historical roots, and the major political and policy-making institutions of the national government. The second half of the course focuses on mass political behavior and interests, and the following topics are covered: public opinion, mass media, political participation, and campaigns and elections. In the course, emphasis is placed on factors and groups that shape American politics, such as the digital and social media revolutions, social movements, racial/ethnic minorities and the Millennial generation. The course incorporates contemporary political events and situations such as the 2016 presidential election, judicial vacancies, and recent social movements. Taneisha Means.

Course Format: CLS

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