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Catalogue 2021-2022 
Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MUSI 246 - Music and Ideas I — Medieval and Renaissance Music in Global Context

Semester Offered: Fall
1 unit(s)
This team-taught course introduces major historical, theoretical, and intellectual ideas of music in cultural centers of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, from the ancient world to the early 17th century. The first six weeks explore music and its transmission along the Silk Road between Persia, the Middle East, and Asia. In the second six weeks the focus shifts to development of sacred and secular musical genres in the West. Alexander Bonus (lab), Kathryn Libin and Justin Patch. 

Prerequisite(s): MUSI 105 , MUSI 136 , or a 100-level MRST course.

Includes an additional listening/discussion section.

Two 75-minute periods and one 75-minute lab.

Course Format: CLS

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