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Catalogue 2021-2022 
Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AFRS 107 - Elementary Arabic

Semester Offered: Spring
1 unit(s)
This is an elementary level course offered during spring semester only. The course focuses on building students’ abilities to (1) create statements and formulate questions based on familiar material in short and simple conversational-style sentences with basic word order; (2) understand basic information conveyed orally in simple, minimally connected discourse that contains high-frequency vocabulary; (3) understand fully and with ease short, non-complex texts that convey basic information and deal with personal and social topics of immediate interest, featuring description and narration; (4) ask simple questions and handle a straightforward survival situation by producing sentence-level language, ranging from discrete sentences to strings of sentences, typically in present time. Tagreed Al-Haddad, Mootacem Mhiri.

Students who did not complete AFRS 106  may enroll in AFRS 107, if they demonstrate equivalent knowledge by a placement test.

Yearlong course AFRS 106 -107.

Three 50-minute periods, plus one drill period per week.

Course Format: CLS

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