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Catalogue 2024-2025 
Catalogue 2024-2025

Women, Feminist, and Queer Studies Program

Director: Paulina Bren;

Steering Committee:  Sole Anatroneb (Italian Studies), Anne Branckya (French and Francophone Studies), Paulina Bren (International Studies), Katie Gemmill (English), Jean M. Kane (English), Hiram Perezab (English), Jeffrey Schneider (German Studies), Vinay Swamyab (French and Francophone Studies), Kirsten Wesselhoeft (Religion), Kimberly Williams Brown (Education), 

Advisory Board: Mita Choudhuryb (History), Colleen Ballerino Cohen (Anthropology), Leslie C. Dunna (English), Susan Hinerb (French and Francophone Studies), Peipei Qiua (Chinese and Japanese);

Participating Faculty: John Andrews (Sociology), Leonisa Ardizzone (Education), Lisa Brawley (Urban Studies and Associate Dean of the Faculty), Light Carruyo (Sociology), Kristin Sánchez Carter (Women, Feminist, and Queer Studies), Mita Choudhuryb (History), Colleen Ballerino Cohen (Anthropology), Lisa Gail Collins (Art), Darlene Deporto (Sociology),Hiromi Dollase (Chinese and Japanese), Leslie C. Dunna (English), Rebecca Edwardsab (History), Diane Harriford (Sociology), Susan Hinerb (French and Francophone Studies), Tracey Holland (Latin American and Latinx Studies), Erin McCloskey (Education), Molly S. McGlennen (English), Daniel Mendiola (History), Mootacem Mhiri (Africana Studies), Seungsook Moonab (Sociology), Lydia Murdoch (History), Barbara A. Olsen (Greek and Roman Studies), Sarah Pearlmanab (Economics), Allison Puglisiab (History), Peipei Qiua (Chinese and Japanese), Claire Sagana (Political Science), Jill S. Schneidermana (Earth Science), Ashanti Shihb (History), Rachel Silverbloom (Philosophy), Jasmine Syedullah (Africana Studies), Silke von der Emde (German Studies), Eva Woods Peiró (Hispanic Studies).

On leave 2024/25, first semester

On leave 2024/25, second semester

ab On leave 2024/25

Women, Feminist, and Queer Studies is a multidisciplinary program that explores gender and sexuality through queer and feminist methodologies. Using an intersectional framework, students explore gender and sexuality through multiple axes of power, including race, class, ethnicity, disability, and more. We offer a curriculum in which students study the way that gender and sexuality help organize the world (and in turn are organized by culture and society), but also how they constitute a methodological prism through which to transform it.

Through a variety of feminist analytics including transnational feminism, Black feminist thought, decolonial feminism, indigenous feminism, queer studies, and transgender epistemologies, WFQS interrogates the interconnectedness of global forces and local realities. We draw on activist efforts for knowledge-building toward a just society and political coalitions (not just individual solutions), and transformative pedagogical practices for undergraduate students.

We engage these frameworks to analyze human experience in its bodily, political, economic and cultural dimensions. Students learn to use a complex variety of theoretical and empirical research as well as anti-racist queer and feminist praxis to produce critical knowledges that envision possibilities for transformation and change.



Correlate Sequence in Women, Feminist, and Queer Studies

Approved Courses


Women, Feminist, and Queer Studies: I. Introductory

Women, Feminist, and Queer Studies: II. Intermediate

Women, Feminist, and Queer Studies: III. Advanced