Jun 25, 2024  
Catalogue 2024-2025 
Catalogue 2024-2025

Science, Technology and Society Program

Director:  José Perillán;

Steering Committee: Abigail Baird (Psychological Science), Elizabeth Howe Bradley (President), Leroy Cooper (Biology), Abigail Coplin (Sociology and Science, Technology and Society), David J. Esteban (Biology), Kenneth Livingston (Cognitive Science), José Perillán (Physics and Astronomy), Nancy Jo Pokrywka (Biology), Claire Sagana (Political Science), Jill S. Schneidermana (Earth Science), Catherine Tan (Sociology), Christopher White (Religion);

Participating Faculty: Alicia Atwoodb (Economics), Benjamin Ho (Economics), Jamie Kellyb (Philosophy), Jennifer Kennella (Biology), Osman Nemli (Philosophy), Sofia Ortiz-Hinojosaab (Philosophy), Christie VanHorne (Science, Technology and Society).

a On leave 2024/25, first semester

On leave 2024/25, second semester

ab On leave 2024/25

The multidisciplinary program in Science, Technology, and Society is designed to enable students to pursue three objectives: a) to understand the central role of science and technology in contemporary society; b) to examine how science and technology reflect their social, political, philosophical, economic and cultural contexts; and c) to explore the human, ethical and policy implications of current and emerging technologies.

Students interested in the program are urged to plan for declaration as early as possible in their college careers. First-year students and sophomores should talk with the director concerning courses to be taken in the first and sophomore years.




Science, Technology and Society: I. Introductory

Science, Technology and Society: II. Intermediate

Science, Technology and Society: III. Advanced