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Catalogue 2024-2025 
Catalogue 2024-2025

International Studies Program

Director: Katherine Hite (spring 2024), Timothy Koechlin (2024-25);

Steering Committee: Pinar Batur (Sociology), Christopher Bjork (Education), Paulina Bren (International Studies), Robert K. Brigham (History), Patricia-Pia Célérier (French and Francophone Studies), Andrew Davison (Political Science), Maria Hantzopoulos (Education), Katherine Hite (Political Science), David A. Kennett (Economics), Timothy Koechlin (International Studies), Candice M. Lowe Swift (Anthropology), Himadeep Muppidi (Political Science), Michaela Pohl (History), Ismail O. D. Rashid (History), Mariam Rashid (International Studies), Stephen R. Rock (Political Science), Jeffrey Schneider (German Studies), Fubing Su (Political Science), Vinay Swamyab (French and Francophone Studies), David Tavárez (Anthropology), Silke von der Emde (German Studies), Kirsten Wesselhoeft (Religion), Eva Woods Peiró (Hispanic Studies), Yu Zhouab (Earth Science and Geography).

ab On leave 2024/25

The multidisciplinary program in International Studies is designed to provide a solid and systematic grounding in the study of global interdependence while allowing students to develop strengths in at least two traditional departmental disciplines. A student’s course of study for the major is designed in close consultation with the director and the Panel of Advisers. The objectives are to build a core of knowledge in the international social sciences and develop fluency in at least one language, while ensuring a multidisciplinary perspective by encouraging students to approach international issues from the viewpoints that interest them most. Consequently, approved programs of study may include upper-level work in the sciences, humanities, literature and arts as well as the social sciences and languages. In general, the advising process should be initiated early in the sophomore year, especially if a student is interested in study abroad in the first semester of the junior year. Additional information on the registration process is available from the program office.



Correlate Sequence in Migration and Displacement Studies


International Studies: I. Introductory

International Studies: II. Intermediate

International Studies: III. Advanced