Jul 14, 2024  
Catalogue 2024-2025 
Catalogue 2024-2025

German Studies Department

Chair: Silke von der Emde;

Professors: Jeffrey Schneider, Elliott Schreiberb,

Associate Professor: Silke von der Emde;

Visiting Assistant Professors: Lioba Gerhardi, Anna Mayer.

Advisers: The department.

b On leave 2024/25, second semester


All courses are conducted in German except for GERM 101 GERM 181 GERM 182 GERM 235 , GERM 265 , GERM 274 GERM 283  and GERM 284 .



Correlate Sequence in German

Students majoring in other programs may complement their study by electing a correlate sequence in German. Course selection should be made in consultation with the department.


German: I. Introductory

German: II. Intermediate

German: III. Advanced