Feb 24, 2024  
Catalogue 2023-2024 
Catalogue 2023-2024

Psychological Science Department

Chair: John Mark Cleaveland;

Professors: Abigail A. Baird, Kevin Holloway, Sue Trumbetta, Michele Tugadeab, Debra Zeifman;

Associate Professors: Hadley Bergstrom, John Mark Cleaveland, Allan D. Clifton, Dara N. Greenwood, Jannay Morrow, Carolyn F. Palmerb, Bojana Zupan;

Assistant Professors: Lori Newmana, Payton Small;

Senior Lecturer: Nicholas A. de Leeuw;

Adjunct Assistant Professor: Yu Sun Chung

a   On leave 2023/24, first semester

b   On leave 2023/24, second semester

ab  On leave 2023/24

Advisers: The department.




Psychological Science: I. Introductory

Psychological Science: II. Intermediate

Psychological Science: III. Advanced

Satisfactory completion of a research methods course (PSYC 209 PSYC 229 , PSYC 239 , PSYC 249 , PSYC 259 , PSYC 269 ) is a prerequisite for these courses. Seminar seats are assigned according to a department lottery system. Please contact department office for lottery information. Non-majors and juniors should consult the instructor.