May 30, 2024  
Catalogue 2023-2024 
Catalogue 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry Department

Chair: Alison Keimowitz;

Professors: Zachary Donhauser, Sarjit Kaur, Joseph M. Tanskia;

Associate Professors: Marianne Begemann (and Dean of Strategic Planning and Academic Resources), Stuart L. Belli, Eric S. Eberhardt, Alison Keimowitz, Christopher J. Smart;

Assistant Professors: Leah Bendavid, Myles Drance, Krystle McLaughlinb, Rebecca Polleta;

Lecturers: Jennifer Appawu, Jennifer B. Herrera;

Visiting Assistant Professors: Evan Howard, Peter Sandusky;

Adjunct Assistant Professors: Paul McLaughlin, Chi-Lin O’Young, Glenn Roy, Roger Snow;

Adjunct Instructors: Frank Guglieri, Anita Kusmierska-Gomez, Anthony Scaduto.

Advisers: Class of 2024, Eric Eberhardt; Class of 2025, Sarjit Kaur; Class of 2026, Rebecca Pollet; Correlate Sequence Adviser, Sarjit Kaur.

a On leave 2023/24, first semester

b On leave 2023/24, second semester




Correlate Sequence in Chemistry

A correlate sequence in chemistry provides students interested in careers ranging from public health to patent law an excellent complement to their major field of study. The chemistry correlate sequence is designed to combine a basic foundation in chemistry with the flexibility to choose upper-level chemistry courses relevant to the student’s particular interests. Students considering careers in such areas as art conservation, public policy relating to the sciences, scientific ethics, archeochemistry, the history of science, law or public health may benefit from a course of study in chemistry. This correlate is not intended for students majoring in closely related disciplines, such as biology or biochemistry, and therefore not more than one course can be credited towards both the correlate and the student’s major. The correlate consists of 6 1/2 units distributed as follows:


Chemistry: I. Introductory

Chemistry: II. Intermediate

Chemistry: III. Advanced