Jun 12, 2021  
Catalogue 2021-2022 
Catalogue 2021-2022

Physics and Astronomy Department

Chair: Jenny Magnes;

Professors: Brian Dalyb, Debra M. Elmegreena, Cindy Schwarz;

Associate Professors: Jenny Magnes;

Assistant Professors: Juan Merloa, José Perillán, Colette Salyk;

Lecturer: David R. Rishell;

Visiting Assistant Professor: Keith Hall;

Visiting Instructor: Evelyn Brooke.

On leave 2021/22, first semester

On leave 2021/22, second semester

Astronomy Major Advisers: Debra M. Elmegreen, Colette Salyk.

Physics Major Advisers: Brian Daly, Jenny Magnes, José Perillán, David R. Rishell, Cindy Schwarz.



Correlate Sequences in Physics and Astronomy


Astronomy: I. Introductory

Astronomy: II. Intermediate

Astronomy: III. Advanced

Physics: I. Introductory

Physics: II. Intermediate

Physics: III. Advanced