May 22, 2022  
Catalogue 2021-2022 
Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Department

Chair: Christine Howlett;

Professor: Jonathan Chenette;

Associate Professors: Christine Howlett, Kathryn Libin;

Assistant Professors: Táhirih Motazediana, Justin Patch;

Senior Lecturers: Drew Minter, Eduardo Navega;

Visiting Assistant Professor: Alexander Bonus;

Adjunct Associate Professor: Susan Botti;

Adjunct Assistant Professors: Drake Andersen, Daniel Cox;

Adjunct Instructor: Jon Fuller;

Adjunct Artists: Gail Archer, Trevor Babb, Paul Bellino, Cheryl P. Bishkoff, Christopher Brellochsa, Courtenay Budd, Frank Cassara, Miriam Charney, Jeanmarie Chenette, Mike DeMicco, Yves Dharamaj, Anna Elashvili, Danielle Farina, Phillip Helm, Marija Ilic, Amy Kawa Posner, Yenne Lee, Mary Nessinger, Joseph North, James Osborn, Robert Osborne, Anna Polonsky, Peter Reit, Elisabeth Romano, Rachel Rosales, Susan Rotholz, James Ruff, Thomas Sauer, Amy Schroeder, Peter Tomlinson, Ian Tyson, Roland Vazquez.

a On leave 2021/22, first semester

Advisers: The department.



Correlate Sequences in Music

The music department offers five correlate sequences, each requiring six units of credit, of which no fewer than five should be taken at Vassar. No more than one course counted toward the correlate sequence may be taken NRO. Specific courses to be taken within each sequence are outlined below.

Students interested in pursuing a correlate sequence in music should discuss it with the music department chair as well as their major advisors during their sophomore or junior year, and they will be assigned a correlate advisor from the music faculty. To apply for the correlate sequence in music, each student will submit a one-page personal statement. Correlate sequences in music must be declared by the end of the junior year.


Music: Itemized List

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