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Catalogue 2021-2022 
Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

French and Francophone Studies Department

Chair: Susan Hiner;

Professors: Patricia-Pia Célérier, Susan Hiner, Vinay Swamyab;

Associate Professors: Kathleen Harta, Anne Branckyb, Thomas Parker;

Visiting Assistant Professors: Matthew Amos, Adam Cutchin;

Adjunct Instructor: Athena Fokaidis.

  On leave 2021/22, first semester

b.  On leave 2021/22, second semester

ab On leave 2021/22

Advisers: The department

Study Abroad: Study abroad is the most effective way to achieve linguistic and cultural fluency. Vassar College and Wesleyan University jointly sponsor a program of study in Paris (VWPP). Majors in French and Francophone Studies are encouraged to participate in this program for one or two semesters during their junior year. Students electing a correlate sequence in French and Francophone Studies are also encouraged to participate in the program. Students concentrating in other fields and for whom study in Paris is advisable are accepted, within the regulations of their respective departments and the Office of the Dean of Studies. Students of French and Francophone Studies who are unable to study abroad during the academic year are strongly encouraged to attend the summer program at Middlebury College French School, or other summer programs in France or French-speaking countries.

All courses are conducted in French unless otherwise specified.



Correlate Sequence in French and Francophone Studies

Students majoring in other programs may complement their study by electing a correlate sequence in French and Francophone Studies. Those interested in completing a correlate sequence should consult as soon as possible with a member of the department to plan their course of studies.


French and Francophone Studies: I. Introductory

French and Francophone Studies: II. Intermediate

The intermediate level comprises three ascending levels: 1) FFS 205  and FFS 206  2) FFS 210  and FFS 212  and 3) 200-level courses numbered above 212. Rotating topics courses may be taken more than once.

French and Francophone Studies: III. Advanced

Prerequisite for all advanced courses: two units of 200-level work above  FFS 212 , or equivalent, or by permission of the department. Open to first-year students and sophomores only by permission of the instructor. Rotating topics courses may be taken more than once.