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Catalogue 2021-2022 
Catalogue 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dance Department

Chair: Miriam Mahdaviani-Goldstone;

Professors: John Meehanb, Stephen Rooks;

Lecturer: Miriam Mahdaviani-Goldstone;

Visiting Instructor: Leslie Partridge Sachs;

Adjunct Instructor: Lisa Harvie, Julian Llanos.

b   On leave 2021/22, second semester

Dance is an elective, non-major course of study. The following may be taken for a letter grade: DANC 264 , DANC 265 , DANC 266 , DANC 267 , DANC 278 , DANC 364 , DANC 365 , DANC 366 , DANC 367 , DANC 394 , DANC 395 , DANC 396 , DANC 397 . The remaining courses are taken for academic credit, but as ungraded.

A majority of the courses offered are in technique. Ballet, jazz and modern, may be taken at the beginning and intermediate levels, and modern at the advanced. There are also courses in DANC 215 - Dance Composition and the Craft of Choreography , DANC 170 - Movement Analysis , DANC 278 - Graham Technique and Repertory , and DANC 155 - Dance Improvisation . DANC 298 - Independent Work  and DANC 399 - Senior Independent Work , may be done at the intermediate and advanced level. The performance course, Vassar DANC 364 - Repertory Dance Theatre I , DANC 365 - Repertory Dance Theatre II , DANC 366 - Repertory Dance Theatre III , DANC 367 - Repertory Dance Theatre IV , may be taken with the special permission of the instructor(s) and only after a successful audition in the first week of a-semester. The audition date is announced each year upon the students arrival.

Requirements for dance courses vary with the instructor and subject matter, but each technique course demands a skill level of achievement, attendance, and a demonstrable improvement at an acceptable level. Several courses involve written testing and/or research papers. Courses within a single discipline/area of study in dance, e.g., ballet, modern or jazz, may only be taken for credit in ascending numerical order, i.e, one may not register in one level and subsequently receive credit in a lower level. One may, however, with the permission of the instructor, audit classes in an any sequence. Please consult with the teacher of the course for any audit privileges.


Dance: I. Introductory

Dance: II. Intermediate

Dance: III. Advanced