Oct 30, 2020  
Catalogue 2019-2020 
Catalogue 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Economics Department

Chair: Paul Ruud;

Professors: Geoffrey A. Jehle, Paul Johnson, David A. Kennetta, Paul Ruud;

Associate Professors: Benjamin Ho, Sarah Pearlman, Robert Rebelein;

Assistant Professors: Esteban Argudob, Alicia Atwood, Sukanya Basu, Dustin Frye, Qi Ge, Gisella Kagy, Tanseli Savaserb;

Adjunct Instructor: Frederick Van Tassell.

On leave 2019/20, first semester

On leave 2019/20, second semester

Advisers: The department.



Correlate Sequence in Economics

The economics department offers correlate sequences which designate coherent groups of courses intended to complement the curricula of students majoring in other departmental, interdepartmental, and multidisciplinary programs. Three areas of concentration are currently available for students pursuing a correlate sequence in economics:

International Economics, coordinated by Paul Johnson.

Public Policy, coordinated by Robert Rebelein.

Quantitative Economics, coordinated by Paul Ruud.

Courses within each area should be chosen in consultation with the coordinator of that sequence.


Economics: I. Introductory

Economics: II. Intermediate

First-year students may not take 200 , 201 , 203 , or 209  but they may take other courses numbered 200 and above in their second semester provided they have satisfied the prerequisite requirements. 

Economics: III. Advanced