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Catalogue 2018-2019 
Catalogue 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Philosophy Department

Chair: Jeffrey Seidman;

Professors: Giovanna Borradori, Uma Narayanb, Bryan Van Nordenab;

Associate Professors: Jamie Kelly, Barry Lam, Jeffrey Seidman, Douglas Winbladb;

Assistant Professors: Christopher C. Raymonda, Sofia Ortiz-Hinojosa;

Visiting Assistant Professors: Li Kang, Osman Nemli;

Adjunct Assistant Professor: Oli Stephano.

On leave 2018/19, first semester

On leave 2018/19, second semester

ab On leave 2018/19

Philosophy as a discipline reflects both speculatively and critically on the world, our actions, and our claims to knowledge. It pays special attention to questions and problems that other fields neglect or may be unable to resolve. The Department of Philosophy offers a variety of courses of study that not only introduce students to the great philosophical achievements of the past and present but also aim to teach them how to think, write, and speak philosophically themselves.

Philosophy Major Advisors: The Faculty

Analytic Philosophy Correlate Sequence Advisers: Barry Lam, Sofia Ortiz-Hinojosa and Douglas Winblad

Comparative Philosophy Correlate Sequence Adviser: Bryan Van Norden

Continental Philosophy Correlate Sequence Advisers: Giovanna Borradori

Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy Correlate Sequence Advisers: Jamie Kelly, Uma Narayan and Jeffrey Seidman.

History of Western Philosophy Correlate Sequence Adviser: Christopher Raymond



Correlate Sequences in Philosophy

The philosophy department offers six different correlate sequences. In each sequence a total of 6 units is required. The required 300-level seminar may be taken twice if the topics differ; students may also petition to count an appropriate PHIL 280.

Correlate sequences may be designed for other subfields in philosophy; for example, philosophy and gender, philosophy of science, and classical philosophy. However, students must obtain approval from the department for any correlate or alternative correlate sequence prior to the beginning of their senior year.


Philosophy: I. Introductory

Philosophy: II. Intermediate

Philosophy: III. Advanced