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Catalogue 2013-2014 
Catalogue 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Latin American and Latino/a Studies Program

Director: Eva Woods Peiro;

Participating Faculty: Carlos Alamo-Pastranab (Sociology Department), Michael C. Aronna (Hispanic Studies Department), Light Carruyo (Sociology Department), Colleen Ballerino Cohen (Anthropology Department), Brian J. Godfrey (Earth Science and Geography Department), Mihai Grünfeld (Hispanic Studies Department), Katherine Hite (Political Science Department), Tracey Holland (Education Department), Timothy Koechlin (International Studies Program), Joseph Nevins (Earth Science and Geography Department), Leslie Scott Offuttb (History Department), Lizabeth Paravisini-Geberta (Hispanic Studies Department), Sarah Pearlman (Economics Department), Hiram Perez (English Department), Eréndira Rueda (Sociology Department), David Tavárez (Anthropology Department), Nicolas Vivalda (Hispanic Studies Department), Eva Woods Peiro (Hispanic Studies Department);

a On leave 2013/14, first semester
b On leave 2013/14, second semester

The Latin American and Latino/a Studies Program provides a multidisciplinary approach to the study of Latin America and the Latino/a populations of the Americas. The program allows students to explore the multiplicity of cultures and societies of Latin and Latino/a America in ways that acknowledge the permeability, or absence, of borders. The program emphasizes knowledge of global politics, economies, cultures, and nations as theorized, imagined, and practiced through Latin/Latino/a America.



Correlate Sequence in Latin American and Latino/a Studies

Approved Courses


Latin American and Latino/a Studies: I. Introductory

Latin American and Latino/a Studies: II. Intermediate

Latin American and Latino/a Studies: III. Advanced