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Catalogue 2013-2014 
Catalogue 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chinese and Japanese Department

Chair: Haoming Liu;

Professor: Peipei Qiu;

Associate Professors: Hiromi Tsuchiya Dollase, Wenwei Du, Haoming Liu;

Adjunct Instructors: Yuko Matsubara, Anne Parries.

Honors’ Requirements: Students who wish to be considered for departmental honors must complete a thesis or project of sufficient quality. A thesis is normally written in both semesters of the senior year. A senior project may be done either as a one-unit course in one semester, or a half-unit course in each of two semesters.

Departmental courses are arranged in three groups: 1) courses in Chinese-Japanese literary and cultural studies (CHJA); 2) courses in Chinese language and literary/cultural studies (CHIN); and 3) courses in Japanese language and literary/cultural studies (JAPA).



Correlate Sequences in Chinese and Japanese


Chinese/Japanese: I. Introductory

Chinese/Japanese: II. Intermediate

Chinese/Japanese: III. Advanced

Chinese: I. Introductory

Chinese: II. Intermediate

Chinese: III. Advanced

Japanese: I. Introductory

Japanese: II. Intermediate

Japanese: III. Advanced