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Catalogue 2013-2014 
Catalogue 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Department

Chair: Michael Pisani;

Professors: Jonathan Chenette (and Dean of the Faculty), Todd Crowb, Michael Pisani, Richard Wilson;

Associate Professors: Christine Howlett, Kathryn Libina, Brian R. Mann;

Lecturers: Drew Minter, Eduardo Navega;

Adjunct Instructor: Peter McCulloch;

Adjunct Artists: Gail Archer, Paul Bellino, Cheryl P. Bishkoff, Frank Cassara, Terry Champlin, Miriam Charney, Mike DeMicco, Danielle Farina, Trey Files, Larry Guy, Ashley J. Jackson, Jinyeong Jessica Lee, Daniel Mortensen, Mary Nessinger, James Osborn, Robert Osborne, Louis Pappas, Anna Polonsky, Linda Quan, Peter Reit, Elisabeth Romano, Rachel Rosales, James Ruff, Thomas Sauer, Sophie Shao, John Solum, Peter Tomlinson, Ed Xiques;

Post Doctoral Fellow: Justin L.B. Patch;

a On leave 2013/14, first semester
b On leave 2013/14, second semester

Advisers: The department.



Correlate Sequences in Music

The music department offers four correlate sequences, each requiring 6 units of credit of which no fewer than 5 should be taken at Vassar. No more than one course counted toward the Music & Culture correlate may be taken NRO. Specific courses to be taken within each sequence are outlined below. Students interested in pursuing a correlate sequence in music should discuss it with the music department chair as well as their major advisors during their sophomore or junior year, and they will be assigned a correlate advisor from the music faculty. Correlate sequences in music must be declared by the end of the junior year.


Music: I. Introductory

Music: II. Intermediate

Music: III. Advanced

Music: Performance

Auditions are required for both credited and uncredited study and are arranged at the beginning of each semester for students who register for the desired course. Each course in performance includes a program of literature suited to the individual student, and requires a reasonable improvement in technical proficiency and interpretative understanding for continuation.

Corequisite courses in music theory or history (see Individual Instruction below) should begin as early as possible, but no later than the third semester of credited study. All students who take lessons for credit are required to take two courses in theory or history, preferably before their senior year.

Enrollment is limited in each area of instruction, especially voice. Music majors and students studying for credit are given preference. Beginners are accepted as schedules permit.

Fees: See section on fees. Scholarships to cover charges are made available through the Office of Financial Aid and are granted only for credited study. Individual instruction is given as follows:

Other Instruments (037, 137, 237, 337)
Jazz Guitar (034, 134, 234, 334): Mr. DeMicco.
Jazz Piano (042, 142, 242, 342): Mr. Tomlinson.
Saxophone (Music 043, 143, 243, 343): Mr. Xiques.
Piano (Music 060, 160, 260, 360): Mr. Crow, Ms. Polonsky, Mr. Sauer, Ms. Charney.
Organ (Music 061,161, 261, 361): Ms. Archer.
Harpsichord (Music 062, 162, 262, 362): Ms. Archer.
Voice (Music 063, 163, 263, 363): Mr. Minter, Ms. Nessinger, Mr. Osborne, Ms. Rosales, Mr. Ruff.
Violin (Music 064, 164, 264, 364): Ms. Lee, Ms. Quan.
Viola (Music 065, 165, 265, 365): Ms. Farina.
Violoncello (Music 066, 166, 266, 366): Ms. Shao.
Double Bass (Music 067, 167, 267, 367): Mr. Pappas.
Classical Guitar (Music 068, 168, 268, 368): Mr. Champlin.
Harp (Music 069, 169, 269, 369): Ms. Jackson.
Flute (Music 070, 170, 270, 370): Mr. Solum.
Oboe (Music 071, 171, 271, 371): Ms. Bishkoff.
Clarinet (Music 072, 172, 272, 372): Mr. Guy.
Bassoon (Music 073, 173, 273, 373): Ms. Romano.
French Horn (Music 074, 174, 274, 374): Mr. Reit.
Trumpet (Music 075, 175, 275, 375): Mr. Osborn.
Trombone (Music 076, 176, 276, 376): Mr. Bellino.
Tuba (Music 077, 177, 277, 377): Mr. Bellino.
Percussion (Music 078, 178, 278, 378): Mr. Cassara, Mr. Files.
Electric Bass (Music 079, 179, 279, 379): Mr. Mortenson.

Note: Performance levels are described under numbers Music 000, 100, 200, 300. The first year of credited instruction in piano, for example, should be elected as Music 160; whereas uncredited study in any year should be elected as Music 060.

The department will attempt to arrange instruction in certain instruments not listed above. Students wishing such instruction should consult with the chair of the department. Auditions are usually required.

Music: Individual Instruction

Music: Ensembles

In the following six large ensembles (Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, Choir, Women’s Chorus, and Madrigal Singers) the first semester is an uncredited prerequisite for the second: credited study is offered only in the second semester. Students wishing to enroll for credit in the second semester must register for the uncredited prerequisite in the first semester. No student should exceed 2 units of this credit in his or her four years at Vassar. Membership is open to all classes and assumes a full year commitment. Admission is by audition.